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Benefits for Your Company

EmployeeCongratulations, you are expecting a new employee!
Anticipation and expectations are running high for you both.

FIRST100DAYS  will help you to turn every new professional beginning into a success story!

FIRST100DAYS  will ensure that your new employee:

  • Is fully prepared to operate in a new environment
  • Does not spend his or her valuable time on administrative formalities, getting accustomed with the new residential area, looking for accommodation, daycare or school, etc.
  • Focused on his or her new tasks and makes a smooth, professional transition.
  • Feels at home in the new environment.
  • Assured that his or her accompanying family members are not isolated and have an experienced contact person nearby.

Your employee can focus on his or her job while we take care of the rest.

Your company benefits from:

  • Custom-tailored service that takes into account the individual needs of every client.
  • Release your human resource department from additional time-consuming tasks that are not their direct responsibility.
  • Transparent relocation process thanks to our individual customer portfolio with a clear price structure and regular status updates.
  • Designated contact person for all matters and questions.
  • Respect for your employees by providing them with an experienced and competent relocation professional.

Our service is a win for both parties - for your company as well as your employees.

Your benefit is our business!

You can rely on our company not only during the move to Stuttgart, but also during the return to your home country. It is our job to make your departure as stress-free and as smooth as possible.

Relocation Service

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